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Interested in joining the SyMBIOTA Lab?

Our lab offers a range of trainee opportunities for exceptional candidates. We accept trainees from many disciplines including epidemiology, medicine, nutrition, biochemistry, microbiology, pediatrics, statistics, computer science. If you're interested in joining the lab please email Dr Anita Kozyrskyj and provide the following information. 


Postdoctoral Fellows

We are always seeking to recruit exceptional Postdoctoral Fellows to analyze infant gut microbiome data in relation to pre and postnatal exposures, as well as to child health outcomes in the CHILD pregnancy cohort study. The analysis repertoire will range from standard epidemiologic testing for associations, and structural equation and repeated measures modeling to microbiome-specific techniques, such as supervised and unsupervised learning, and principle coordinates analysis (based on phylogenetic distance metrics).

The ideal candidate will be a highly ambitious, self-motivated individual with a background in advanced statistics/bioinformatics (SAS, R-statistics), exceptional oral and written English communication and a strong publication record. Completion of postgraduate courses in biostatistics and epidemiology is a desirable. Experience in epidemiological research and/or analysis of microbiome datasets, including familiarity with the microbiome bioinformatics and analysis program, QIIME, is an asset.

Please supply your CV/resume plus the following:

  • Details of your PhD degree (courses completed, thesis title and advisor). 

  • A statement of research interests, summarizing your research experience to date, your career goals, and how working in our lab will help you attain these goals.

Please ensure your CV includes information about:

  • Publications, conference presentations

  • Teaching, mentoring or supervisory experience

  • Grant writing experience

  • Research awards or studentships you have received

  • Statistical analysis experience (indicate what software, methods, and packages you have used)


Undergraduate Students
Please include the following:

  1. Why, specifically, you are interested in the SyMBIOTA research program.

  2. Your CV or resume.

  3. Details of your previous education, including GPA and academic transcripts (unofficial is fine). 

  4. Details of any previous research experience (if applicable), including contact information for your supervisor.

  5. An example of your previous research experience (eg. conference abstract or poster, project report, journal publication). If you do not have research experience, please include another example of your work (eg. essay, paper or assignment).


Summer Studentships are available from:​


Alberta Innovates

MSc Students
Please include all of the information above, plus the following:

  • What graduate program you are interested in, and what start date you are aiming for (Dr. Kozyrskyj supervises students in Pediatrics and School of Public Health.)

  • If your undergraduate degree is from a school outside of North America that is not ranked in the top 500 schools internationally, please provide some information to help us understand the caliber of your institution and your standing in your graduating class.

  • If English is not your first language, please provide your English proficiency scores.

  • If applicable, describe any funding available to support your studies. (This is not a requirement, but some international students are supported by funding programs in their home country. If this applies to you, please include this information.)

PhD Students
Please include all of the information above, plus the following:

  • Your MSc degree (courses completed, thesis title and advisor) 

  • Abstracts at a national or international conferences

  • Publications in international journals​


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