What Vit-D supplements do to the infant gut microbiota?

Studying 1,157 mother-infant pairs of the CHILD Cohort, researchers unravel a possible link between vitamin D supplementation during early-life and protection against C. difficile infection. Vit-D supplementation was also observed to be associated with a lower level of a specific bacterium Megamonas. Megamonas has been shown to be involved in asthma and respiratory viral infections, suggesting other potential benefits for vitamin D such as lowering the risk of viral infections in life. This study is leading the field to new investigations.

Vitamin D supplementation in pregnancy and early infancy in relation to gut microbiota composition and C. difficile colonization: implications for viral respiratory infections. Kelsea M. Drall, et al. Gut Microbes. 11 August 2020.

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